House Boat

Begin a Kerala Houseboat cruise and cruise along the soothing Kerala backwaters, glimpse the daily village activities of remote Kerala villages, hear little natural sounds that blend into the quite hush of the lovely Kerala backwaters and rejoice in the sheer simplicity of the exotic vistas you cruise past on your houseboat.Acres of half-submerged paddy fields interposed with lush coconut trees, thick leafy green bushes, flowering shrubs and twittering birds create a memorable canvas as you sail along the angelic and captivating Kerala backwaters.Kerala houseboat cruises take you to some very captivating Kerala townships and villages that flourish on the banks of these dazzling freshwater lakes, streams, lagoons and canals.Tour Kumarakom, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Quilon, Mararikulam, Kollam and Thiruvallam on your Kerala houseboat cruises. Executive Cab arranges for you to check into these Kerala houseboats that show you the best of green Kerala, South India. Kerala houseboats are locally referred to as kettuvalloms that were used as cargo boats in the days gone by.